Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my pant leg got caught on a bandwagon

it happened.
My leg got caught on a bandwagon and my choices were to be dragged behind or jump on... No one wants to be dragged.
The bandwagon I speak of is Tumblr.com
I have decided to move my bloggings over there. Its simpler...really. Plus! There is a lot of interesting things..like a crap load of photography!
Anyway my tumblr is
I hope you will follow me there. If not I believe the people that follow me here are my friends on facebook. My tumblr does a direct link post to facebook when I write a new post. So you can still be part of my adventure if you so wish!
I will miss you blogspot it was a short and sweet time we had. But like I said no one wants to get dragged.
:D love

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rain Man...definitely...definitely

Movie #29 Rain Man

An amazing movie, by far one of my top 5 favourites from the list so far!
I honestly don't even know what to say. I guess it is just so interesting to watch, to try and get into Raymond's head.
I would have to say it is a movie about love and understanding.
I'm not going to talk much about this movie because its one you need to watch to really know what's it about...or to get what you will out of it.
Again Dustin Hoffman is a hero. Wonderful actor to be able to capture the character of Raymond and his special needs.
I just don't know what else to say besides that it is an awesome movie and another one off the list...

Definitely...definitely <3

Saturday, February 6, 2010

He could have Total Recall!!...shocked face!

Movie #28 Total Recall

Now, I was told by two different people that this was a good movie... And I agree. But I can almost guarantee we liked it for different reasons.
I absolutely loved all the lines in this movie! I laughed out loud a couple of times I probably shouldn't have.
A few of my favourites were:
-shoots fake wife- "Consider that a divorce"
End of the move - "I just had a terrible thought. What if this is all a dream?" "well then kiss me quick before you wake up."
Literally the last line in the movie.
I couldn't get past the cheese factor, although after thinking about it and getting ready to write this entry I noticed that the concept of the story to this movie is pretty good. My issue is that I had trouble following the meaning and psychological aspect of the film with all thwarted running, yelling, shooting and stuff blowing up.
I did like that the story was on mars, my favourite planet. In elementary school I wanted to be an astronomer because I had this crazy infatuation with the stars and planets. I even named a foster kitten after one of Mars' moons. Then I got to highschool and realized that I need to actually like and be good at science to make it as an astronomer. I still love the night sky...going to the drive-in is one of my favourite summer things because the stars are so easy to see out there.

Hmm anyway I did enjoy the movie. Oh an best quote
"its the best mind fuck yet."
on we go..more movies to watch and blogs to write.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Movie #27 Aliens
I was about 30minutes in and I was already enjoying this movie way more then the first. The main reason would have to be that there are more characters and they are in a larger space. Different scenery. The first movie taking place all in one place..one ship made it boring and repetitive to me.
This movies characters have more life I guess I could say... I don't know how to say what I'm thinking here. Basically these characters are just better. Haha the story is not only focusing on Ripley (obviously she is a main character) but we are getting to know the others more. Plus the little girl is sweet.
And Ripley is surprisingly tough for the stuff she delt with in the first movie and had to deal with upon waking up in this movie. Damn she just can't trust anyone!
This movie also has some good little twist and keeps your attention if you care to know what happens to the characters.

All in all I actually enjoyed this one. Yes I am surprised. Who knows I may even watch it again! ...well not this year.

As Good As It Gets

Movie #26 As Good As It Gets

Before I start in on the movie its self I need to put out my personal opinion of Jack Nicholson. He is a wonderful actor, I enjoy his movie for the most part...but I don't enjoy him. Im not to sure as to why, maybe its his voice...
Anyway this movie is great...I think Nicholson did a good job playing obsessive-compulsive. He also played the jerk well, but of course his character changes throughout the movie...change, something that isn't easy for someone who has OCD. Its kinda the point of the movie. you may be in a routine and something so little can toss you from it an show you what could be different and how good it can be. The little thing to toss Nicholson's character from his routine life was the dog of his neighbour. Okay...the dog is adorable but I feel like it should have a tail. In the movie it just seems like its cowering the whole time. The dogs owner, Simon. He breaks my heart, he was just living life doing his thing and it gets flipped upside down. He goes through the why do bad things happen to good people kind of thing. But its not true, bad things happen because that's life. You just need a bit of faith in good and things will turn around eventually...which they do for Simon.
Overall, awesome film Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson both won academy awards for their roles in this movie that's gotta mean something right?

Over half way to 50 movies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alien !

Movie # 25 Alien

Aliens coming out of bodies, robots...WTF! Holly hell I'm damn happy I was not on that space craft!
Okay scenario : big nasty effing Alien making its way towards you..do you stand there or at least try and run like hell?
I'm gunna say I would at least try and run, but hey who has ever really been in that kinda situation. Haha
I haven't watched this movie since grade 7. A friend and I decided we were going to try and watch all the alien movies in one night. I'm pretty sure we didn't get past the first one but once you've seen it haven't you seen them all?
I will know the answer to that question after I've watched Aliens... Yes alien plural!
End of movie...props to Ridley! Saved her ass and the cat!


Movie # 24 Tootsie

There are some actors who I always wonder if they were ever young. Dustin Hoffman is one of them...well he was younger once.
This movie was adorable, it was so cute. The perfect flick to watch on a sick day.
Hoffman does such a wonderful job. Huh I don't know what really to say besides the fact that it is one you should see. Its funny and cute with a little bit of love. Plus who does not love a good drag queen?

Haha only 477 to go!!!!