Friday, January 15, 2010

And so it begins, 500 movies to go...

Tonight I began my self-inflicted challenge of watching the 501 must see movies suggested in the popular book. I decided this would be something fun to fill in my extra time, with all things considered I do have two jobs and a busy family life, but one job is at a movie store…perfect fit? I think so. I started with purchasing the movie journal. In the journal was the list of movies (alphabetically) and places to write my own reviews and star ratings. That, and facebook gave me the idea to blog about my cinematic adventure. I’m hoping that is what it will turn out to be. An expansion of movie culture, who knows I might end up a huge western fan by the time I'm done.
The first movies I have decided to watch are ones I already have in my library, true these are titles I have seen multiple times but is that not why we buy movies in the first place? To be able to watch them whenever? Anyway, that’s what I do…
Therefore, with one down and 500 to go it begins.
Movie Number 1 > Scream (501)
Directed by the ever famous Wes Craven, I absolutely love this movie. The first time I saw it I was a little younger (try like 10) and was scared shitless. Now being a horror movie fan, I love the script and tie-ins of all classic horror flicks like references to Halloween, Friday the 13th, Prom Night, etc. The movie has a great plot twist at the end, and the actors just make it so much better (Matthew Lillard = my favourite). I don’t want to give anything away (if you haven’t seen the movie, please crawl out of your hole and go rent it) but I must relay the rules to survive.
#1: Never have sex, only a virgin will be able to outsmart the killer and live
#2: No Drinking, No Drugs – sin factor
#3: Never say, “I’ll be right back…” because the chances are very high that you will not be back.
Those are the rules as the movie tells it, if you have broken rule number one, just follow rules 2 and 3 and maybe you will be okay.
Hey, you never know if you are gunna end up in a scary movie!

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