Sunday, January 17, 2010

Summer Nights...and Sweet Transvestites

This past Saturday, December 16th, I watched two of my all time favourite musical movies...Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Practically on different ends of the spectrum when comparing content and musical numbers.
Movie #2 (500): Grease
Grease was filmed in 1978 and the ripples it created are still affecting anyone young and old today who love good music, a fun story and awesome dance numbers in a film. Directed by Randal Kleiser and staring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as well as many others who gathered fame and a name from this one movie.
I have loved Grease for as long as i can remember. When I was younger I had a VHS copy of Grease and watched it so many times it eventually stopped working...later I was given a second copy on VHS and just this past year I finally bought it on DVD. I have changed and grown up since then but this movie is still magic to me. I can't really pinpoint why I found/find it so awesome, could be the music, the dancing, the era in which it is set, could even be the actors themselves. I honestly don't know. I think that if this movie had not been on the list I would have vetoed the whole idea of "must see" movies. Grease is seriously a timeless classic. I plan to make sure my younger siblings and eventually my children know and at least watch the movie once....Rocky Horror on the other hand...
Movie #3 (499): The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I believe you need a taste for outside normal when and if you ever watch this movie. Whether you choose to enjoy it or not it does say something for offbeat musical..comedies? tragedies? fiction? I have no idea what The Rocky Horror Picture Show really is, besides awesome. It was filmed in 1975, originally a play in London,bringing it to theatres with the audience participation, dances and sing-a-longs it had become a fast underground cult classic. Now over 30 years later the movie is still being shown in select theatres for special occasions..normally Halloween.
I was shown it in grade nine at a friends house. I immediately loved it! Just the random musical numbers, the dancing ( who seriously has not done the Time Warp at least once?). I then bought the movie and showed it to my friends at my grade 9 Christmas party...most were like wtf, but others fell in love just as I had. It became a fast favourite of almost the whole group eventually...we had the songs on our ipods, our own favourite characters and had talked many times about themeing a party rocky horror.

Well, 3 down only 498 left to go!

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