Sunday, January 24, 2010


Movie # 10 Batman (491)

This movie has three of my favourite things to have be part of a movie!

#1- Tim Burton : This man is crazy awesome. There is something about the way he directs a film, his eye just captures me. I just like his style of movies.

#2- Danny Elfman : Again another man that is crazy awesome. He has an incredible talent with composing music, I own other movies his music was a part of and they are some of my favourites for that reason alone. without music a movie has no feeling. He brings to life the silence of a film, gives those emotional, triumphant, epic moments that extra boost and drive of meaning.

#3- SUPERHEROES : Okay, memory lane trip! In grade 9&10 myself and my two closest friends went through a stage of loving superheroes. My best friend Lauren was Batman, our friend Jess was Wonderwoman and I was Superman. Basically we collected anything that held our heroes logo. I still have superman pjs, a pillow and a blanket that turns into a cape.

Batman, he is one of the cooler heroes because he really doesn't have any 'powers' besides being loaded! He is just a rich guy that wants to rid his city of the bad guys.

Okay the interesting thing I'm gathering from this movie is the way in which it was done...comparing it to the new Dark Knight movie they basically tell the same story but in 2 severely different ways. The Dark Knight is almost geared more towards and older audience then the original Batman. Also with the makeup difference between Nicholson's Joker and Ledger's Joker, Heath's joker makeup makes him seem like more of a man that has gone bat shit crazy (Haha get it, Bat shit!).

As this movie ends I have watched 10 movies and have 491 left to go. I did some calculations and figured out that I need to watch at least 40 movies a month from now on to be able to meet me goal. I might start going by genre to keep things organized, but I'm not promising anything. It is really starting to set in that I have gotten myself into a pretty big challenge...and I couldn't be more excited!

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