Friday, January 29, 2010

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I have drawn a few conclusions over the past few days. one, I'm obviously crazy, two I'm afraid my blogs are all sounding the same and three I'm not sure how to make sure they stay unique. This is what I know, all the movies I'm watching are different, they have different aspects to them that make them awesome...My problem is that what I find awesome in one movie I'm pretty much finding awesome in any movie...except Gremlins. The music! I think I mentioned the music of movies in almost every blog. Really though, have you ever watched a movie that had no score? No music what so ever. I have. I think it was called ' 7 Seconds' or something, me and Lauren rented it, thinking it would be good . Ya it wasn't. It was like watching the movie 'Open Water' just want that time in your life back.
Maybe I will try and pick something different out from every movie. And I am most definitely not going to do a separate post per movie...I do have some form of a social life you know. Ha!
I don't mind tossing a few in one post, or just a little mention of what I watched and what not...
Man I should be asleep. It was without a doubt a ridiculous day at white oaks robberies, running out of pearl paper, making crazy money in spiffs, running back and forth between blacks and Cinema1 like 10times. I could go on with the madness but surprise I have a movie to watch before I sleep, Meet the Parents borrowed from Tiffany...I can't wait until my movie collection is crazy huge like those of the people I work with and know.
Ah forgot, I watched Titanic after Moulin Rouge! and before Gremlins... Obviously I haven't written about it yet..i lost my page of notes. Lame. I'll come up with something.
stay tuned I've got a comedy, an action\adventure\epic, a drama, a scifi, a horror and a classic to watch soon all borrowed from some awesome people.
Ps I'm Soooo thankful for the people helping me out with this, lending me movies and such! Makes life just little easier. :)

Errr off to watch meet the Parents and snack on goldfish...
I love goldfish.

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