Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MOGWAI!!! Gremlins makes 14.

Movie #14 Gremlins (488)

Wow, this movie used to scare the crap out of I really can't see why. Last night I did jump at least twice watching the movie. The movie was good for when it was made, the effects anyway but not the acting. I love the MOGWAI when he is cute and fury, when they become Gremlins its just not fun any more. Overall the movie is a classic and I love the little narrative at the end that warns you about the possibility of a Gremlin being in your home.
Oh and corey feldmen is super cute as a little boy!
Ps thanks to Katie and Tanya for watching it with me!

I am slowly picking up speed on my movie watching, realizing that I need to get a lot more done...the downside is that I am doing little of anything else. I think I'm going to get the portable dvd player so I can do more, but still watch my movies. Okay also I'm not to excited for the movies from the war and western genres those movies (mostly the war ones) always make me really sad...gunna havta wait till nicer weather for those ones. No february blues here!

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