Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet the Parents and Some Like It Hot

On friday night I knocked Meet the Parents off the list and on saturday I watched Some Like It Hot.

I'd seen Meet the Parents in the past found it funny...but I just always end up feeling bad for Ben Stiller's character.

Some Like It Hot. Okay I had never actually sat down and watched the whole movie, I always caught bits of it on tv, but the whole movie is great. Jack Lemmon , Tony Curtis and Marlyn Monroe are awesome together. I liked Lemmon and Curtis more then Monroe though. She just seemed kind of out of it... Which according to history she was, half in the bag the whole time of shooting. It is the first time I watched a whole movie starring those 3 classic film icons, I guess we can call them that now. Truly without the film stars of the past our popular actors today would suck even worse then some already do. ;)
There are a few things I loved about the movie with out a doubt. Surprise the year. 1929 I honestly have said it once and will probably say it again but there is something about that time in history that just seemed so classy. Even the Chicago mobsters did things with a certain style. The speakeasys always looked like a good time, how could they not be? In smokey, loud bar type place that is hidden, illegal booze, always on the look out for snitches and the cops. Just seems like it would have been a thrill going out any night...And who could discount the jazz music. New at the time it appealed to a group of people, those some that like it hot!

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  1. Hey Jenna,
    I heard about a new resto in TO that is modelled after the speakeasy clubs of the '20s. It's called House of Commons and can be found here: I've never been, but the concept is really cool. Great blog!