Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lord of The Rings

Movie # 9 The Fellowship of the Ring (493)
This past friday night I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy's first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring. Without a doubt an amazingly epic adventure. There are so many ways I could take this entry... I could go philosophical, or just ooo and ahh about all the special effects. I think I'm just going to toss out what's on my mind and what was on my mind when I watched the movie.
First things first I want to live in Rivendale. I just love how beautiful they created this place. Image the photo opportunities, just incredible! I also really enjoy good foreshawdowing, it gives tiny hints if you listen and helps a watcher get right into the story. This movie has a good blurb at the beginning that gives some background info and a slight peek at the possible future.

A bit of a side note here, but did you ever notice that no matter how old Elijah Wood gets when ever he yells, shouts, exclaims something he sounds like a 13 year old boy? Ya just something I have discovered recently while watching his newest movie '9'where he voices a character.

Okay back to main overviews, the music. Oh my god the music! Howard Shore did an unbelievable job. The music is epic, sweet, heartbreaking, breathtaking. Itsunami something I would want to listen to while reading or just relaxing. There really isn't a thing a do not like about this movie, besides Boremire , he can go over a waterfall...(FORESHAWDOWING!).

All in all a wonderful set of movies and I do recommend you watch them in a marathon fashion. Just get snacks and drinks, turn off the phone and do it up. It is pretty amazing to fall into such a world. Seriously it might just never know!
Ps only 492 left!

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