Monday, February 1, 2010

Schindler's List

I am about to movie blog out of order here. You see I watched The Breakfast Club before I watched Schindler's List but I have a million things I want to say about The Breakfast Club. So because I have already written my blog out for Schindler's List it gets to be posted first :) Alright on the the "review".

Movie #19 : Schindler's List an amazing movie.
As I sit here writing this out I just keep closing my eyes and shaking my head. I can't focus on what I want to say...or how I want to say it..
I guess I can start with when I first learned about the Holocaust. In history class I was a total wreck the entire time. The story of it all just floors me. In school we had the opportunity to attend a screening of a movie called Paper Clips at Rainbow Cinema. It was an incredible film and I do recommend you go out and find it.
Now I obviously learned a lot from this movie considering I had never heard the whole story of Oskar Schindler. One bit of the movie really stands out as something I had never heard before. A road into the concentration camp of Majdenak was paved with broken Jewish tombstones. It is still there to this day but I sincerely hope that it is no longer walked upon.
I was pretty good for not full out crying during the whole movie, until the ending. When Schindler is leaving...Liam Neeson did an unbelievable job. I think anyone should watch this The ending is just...uh I can't even tell just needs to be seen. So go watch it...
Now, I do have a little thing to say about how the movie was filmed. In black and white. I discovered that when a movie is in colour your eyes tend to wonder around the screen being attracted by all the different colours. In black and white I found myself looking directly at the eyes of the characters. Its so different...the eyes seem to have more depth, it is easier to see their sincerity, their lies, their love, their hate... They give you a deeper understanding behind a persons words whether they are good or bad.

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