Friday, February 5, 2010


Movie #27 Aliens
I was about 30minutes in and I was already enjoying this movie way more then the first. The main reason would have to be that there are more characters and they are in a larger space. Different scenery. The first movie taking place all in one ship made it boring and repetitive to me.
This movies characters have more life I guess I could say... I don't know how to say what I'm thinking here. Basically these characters are just better. Haha the story is not only focusing on Ripley (obviously she is a main character) but we are getting to know the others more. Plus the little girl is sweet.
And Ripley is surprisingly tough for the stuff she delt with in the first movie and had to deal with upon waking up in this movie. Damn she just can't trust anyone!
This movie also has some good little twist and keeps your attention if you care to know what happens to the characters.

All in all I actually enjoyed this one. Yes I am surprised. Who knows I may even watch it again! ...well not this year.

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