Monday, February 1, 2010

another evening in whiteoaks mall

I've figured something out that for some reason I really don't question but everybody else seems to keep asking me..Who made this list of 501 "Must See" movies? I just say I don't know because honestly I have no idea who these people are that complied the list of movies. But I do have their names...its in the credits of the book. I'm just going to give you their names and the genre section they compiled. so question answered, here you go :
Ann Lloyd -> Comedy, Musical & Romance
Rob Hill -> Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Ronald Bergen -> War & Western
Chris Darke -> Action, Adventure & Epic
Cara Frost-Sharratt -> Drama
Paul Frost-Sharratt -> Mystery & Thriller
So a little more background on the book here.
There are 10 genre categories holding 50 one. They cramped a few genres together. There is the ACTION/ADVENTURE&EPIC , COMEDY , DRAMA , HORROR , MUSICAL , ROMANCE , SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY , MYSTERY & THRILLER , WAR , WESTERN.
At first I was going to do the movies by genre, then I thought I would do it alphabetically but as it turns out I'm watching at random.

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