Friday, February 5, 2010

As Good As It Gets

Movie #26 As Good As It Gets

Before I start in on the movie its self I need to put out my personal opinion of Jack Nicholson. He is a wonderful actor, I enjoy his movie for the most part...but I don't enjoy him. Im not to sure as to why, maybe its his voice...
Anyway this movie is great...I think Nicholson did a good job playing obsessive-compulsive. He also played the jerk well, but of course his character changes throughout the movie...change, something that isn't easy for someone who has OCD. Its kinda the point of the movie. you may be in a routine and something so little can toss you from it an show you what could be different and how good it can be. The little thing to toss Nicholson's character from his routine life was the dog of his neighbour. Okay...the dog is adorable but I feel like it should have a tail. In the movie it just seems like its cowering the whole time. The dogs owner, Simon. He breaks my heart, he was just living life doing his thing and it gets flipped upside down. He goes through the why do bad things happen to good people kind of thing. But its not true, bad things happen because that's life. You just need a bit of faith in good and things will turn around eventually...which they do for Simon.
Overall, awesome film Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson both won academy awards for their roles in this movie that's gotta mean something right?

Over half way to 50 movies!

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