Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my pant leg got caught on a bandwagon

it happened.
My leg got caught on a bandwagon and my choices were to be dragged behind or jump on... No one wants to be dragged.
The bandwagon I speak of is Tumblr.com
I have decided to move my bloggings over there. Its simpler...really. Plus! There is a lot of interesting things..like a crap load of photography!
Anyway my tumblr is
I hope you will follow me there. If not I believe the people that follow me here are my friends on facebook. My tumblr does a direct link post to facebook when I write a new post. So you can still be part of my adventure if you so wish!
I will miss you blogspot it was a short and sweet time we had. But like I said no one wants to get dragged.
:D love

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