Saturday, February 6, 2010

He could have Total Recall!!...shocked face!

Movie #28 Total Recall

Now, I was told by two different people that this was a good movie... And I agree. But I can almost guarantee we liked it for different reasons.
I absolutely loved all the lines in this movie! I laughed out loud a couple of times I probably shouldn't have.
A few of my favourites were:
-shoots fake wife- "Consider that a divorce"
End of the move - "I just had a terrible thought. What if this is all a dream?" "well then kiss me quick before you wake up."
Literally the last line in the movie.
I couldn't get past the cheese factor, although after thinking about it and getting ready to write this entry I noticed that the concept of the story to this movie is pretty good. My issue is that I had trouble following the meaning and psychological aspect of the film with all thwarted running, yelling, shooting and stuff blowing up.
I did like that the story was on mars, my favourite planet. In elementary school I wanted to be an astronomer because I had this crazy infatuation with the stars and planets. I even named a foster kitten after one of Mars' moons. Then I got to highschool and realized that I need to actually like and be good at science to make it as an astronomer. I still love the night sky...going to the drive-in is one of my favourite summer things because the stars are so easy to see out there.

Hmm anyway I did enjoy the movie. Oh an best quote
"its the best mind fuck yet."
on we go..more movies to watch and blogs to write.

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